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Why are cat bites dangerous? You may be surprised to learn the truth!

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Have you ever been bitten by your feline friend? You might think that this rarely happens, or that only cats with some sort of medical problem will bite people. Sadly, neither of these statements is true. Cat bites can be more dangerous than you might realize, so it’s important to understand why they happen in the first place!



What happens when a dog bites you


A dog with rabies can transmit this fatal disease through its saliva when it bites you. Rabies is very rare in dogs these days because most pet owners get their dogs vaccinated against this disease as part of their regular pet care. However, if a dog not vaccinated against rabies bites you, you’ll need to contact your doctor or visit an emergency room immediately because they will give you a series of shots that could save your life. Other than rabies, getting bitten by any animal can also lead to tetanus, bacterial infections, and other serious diseases. In the case of a cat bite, the risk for serious infection is much higher than with dog bites. The reason for this is that cats have more bacteria living in their mouths than dogs do. A cat’s teeth are sharper and closer together, which puts you at greater risk of cutting the skin on their teeth during the bite. When we touch something contaminated with fecal matter (excrement), we risk contracting several different types of illness including salmonella, E. coli, listeria, and more. The best way to avoid any of these is to wash your hands thoroughly after touching anything that might have come into contact with poop. It’s important to teach children from a young age about the dangers of poop since they’re the ones most likely to pick up something dirty and put it right into their mouth. You can help protect them from illness by teaching them the rule – always wash hands after touching things like kitty litter, pet feces, or garbage cans. Also, never eat food without washing your hands first. Kids often eat without thinking of how their dirty hands got so messy in the first place. These simple rules can help keep kids healthy while avoiding the risks posed by dangerous cat bites.


Is it bad to pull away from your dog when they bite you?


Pets bite for a variety of reasons, most notably when they feel threatened or want your attention. When you’re bitten by your pet, it’s important not to pull away from them– this could lead them to think that biting is an appropriate way of interacting with you and increase the frequency at which they do it. If you’ve been bitten by your dog and don’t know what to do, seek medical attention immediately. Cats can also cause wounds just like dogs can, but their bites often go unnoticed because cats will typically use their teeth as opposed to their mouths.



Should you pet or swat at your cat if it bites you?


Cats have a lot of sharp teeth, and when they bite down, it’s easy for them to puncture your skin. You’ll only get a small cut on your skin if you’re lucky. But if you’re unlucky, your cat can leave behind some nasty bacteria that could lead to infection. This is why it’s important not to pet or swat at your angry kitty after she bites you – because then you’ll just end up hurting yourself more and leaving more foreign substances in her mouth. Instead, try these tips:

(1) give your cat a break from playing with you by removing toys from the room;

(2) put food away so she has less reason to come near you;

(3) fill an empty soda bottle with pennies, seal it tightly shut, and shake it around when your cat starts to come near;

(4) call animal control or another person who will remove your potentially aggressive pet.



The danger of not treating animal bites


Many animal bite victims don’t realize how important it is to seek medical attention for their injuries. Animal bites can lead to serious infections and even death if left untreated. An animal bite infection often occurs when bacteria is introduced into the wound. A human’s immune system can’t always fight off these infections because they’re different from what a human would normally encounter. Moreover, some animals carry rabies, which could also lead to serious consequences if not treated with prompt attention. The sooner you get treatment after an animal bite, the better your chances of recovery. Don’t put yourself at risk of infection or worse by ignoring an animal bite.


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