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How To Tell If Your Cat Loves You ?




Cats can be difficult creatures to understand sometimes, but it’s hard not to love them once you know the signs that they care about you as well. Learn how to tell if your cat truly loves you with this top ten list of cat behaviors that show they care more than just about anything else in the world!



They let you pet them


Cats may not always be the most affectionate creatures, but they do have their way of showing you that they love you. If your cat is letting you pet them and groom them (even if they’re not a fan of it), then that’s a pretty good sign! They might also let you get close to them when they’re laying down, or purr like crazy when they see you walk in the door. Lastly, if your cat starts head-butting you or rubbing their cheeks against yours, then that’s a sign of affection! However, some cats will only display these behaviors with people who have proven themselves as caretakers by feeding them regularly and making sure they stay clean.


They want your attention



One of the best ways to tell if your cat loves you is to see how they act when you’re in the room. Cats are very social creatures and need lots of attention from their owners. If your cat greets you at the door every time, they may be telling you that they’re happy to see you with a head butt or by rubbing themselves on your legs and purring. They also enjoy being petted and touched by humans, so if they come over for some lovin’ when you’re petting them then that’s another good sign.



They sleep in your bed


Cats are notoriously picky and have very distinct preferences, so it’s not always easy to know if they love you. But there are a few signs that can help you figure it out! Does your cat sleep with you? Cats usually want to sleep in places where they feel safe and comfortable, which is why the bed is a great place for them. If your cat sleeps with you, then this is a sure sign of their affection for you. Do they come when called? Cats will happily spend all day lounging around on the couch if they don’t have anything better to do. They may be hard to find after waking up or playing in the yard, but when called they will come running back inside.



They sleep on your head



Cats are affectionate animals. They like to snuggle up with their humans and get petted. But sometimes, it’s hard to tell if they love you or not! There are many signs your cat loves you, though. For example, they might sleep on your head every night. They might also walk into the room before eating and greet you at the door when you come home. These are just a few of the ways your cat can show that they care about you! If your cat is doing these things for you, then chances are, they love you as much as you love them.



They fight with their siblings


It’s no secret that cats are pretty independent creatures, but when it comes to their humans, they’re not just giving us a casual pat on the head here and there. They love us! From the way they greet us at the door to how their tails start wagging when we come home from work, cats show their affection in many different ways.

Cats’ love language can be tough to decipher, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ways to tell if your cat loves you. If your cat does any of these things for you, it probably means he or she cares about you. But don’t take our word for it — have a conversation with your feline friend today to find out what they have to say!



They purr when they see you


One of the most common signs your cat loves you is when they purr at you. It’s a soothing sound that reminds you that everything will be okay. The next time your cat starts purring, try petting them and see if they stop. If not, then it means that they love being with you and want to spend more time with you in the future.



They follow you around the house


Cats are generally territorial creatures and as such, they spend a lot of time wandering around the house. They often have to be coaxed into coming near their humans and will only do so if they feel comfortable. If your cat follows you from room to room or sits next to you when you’re watching TV, it’s likely that they want your attention but don’t want to bother you by asking for it outright.



Their eyes never leave you



Cats are very clean animals and they have an instinct to lick themselves when they’re dirty. They lick their fur as a way to keep it clean and free of dirt, parasites, and other debris. However, if your cat licks themselves obsessively or devotes more attention to grooming than to eating or playing, it may be a sign that they don’t feel comfortable with their living environment. This can be especially true for cats who are living in an unfamiliar place for the first time – such as inside your home after being outdoor-only their whole lives. If this is the case, you might want to make sure that you have plenty of hiding spaces for them so that they can retreat if they need space or privacy.



When they bathe, they lick every inch of themselves – even their butts


Cats bathe for a variety of reasons. The most common is to get rid of some kind of ick or grime from their fur. This is often why they will lick themselves after they bathe. They are also trying to dry themselves and make sure all the nooks and crannies in their fur are groomed clean. When your cat loves every inch of itself it means that he or she loves you!



You can’t put them down. Ever.


Cats are loyal and sweet creatures, but knowing if your kitty loves you is a little trickier than you might think.

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Reasons Why Some People Prefer Cats Instead of Dogs




Do you love dogs more than cats? Or do you prefer cats instead of dogs? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, but there are plenty of benefits to choosing one over the other. Here are reasons why some people would rather own a cat than a dog


The cat is low maintenance


There are lots of responsibilities that come along with having a dog. You have to walk them, take them to the vet, brush their teeth and pay for their food… In contrast to many dogs, cats are relatively independent. You don’t need to take them out for walks or keep them well-groomed. If you’re busy and have little time on your hands, a cat is a good option.



The cat doesn’t bark


Dogs bark, and cat’s meow. Neither is necessarily better; it just depends on your personality and lifestyle. If you want to sleep in and not be annoyed by a barking dog at 6 a.m., then getting a cat might be for you. They’re also much easier to find apartments for because many places don’t allow dogs but will take cats.



Owning a cat does not require as much space


If you live in a small apartment, consider getting a cat instead of a dog. A cat will thrive on less space and less attention than a dog would. However, if you have kids, I’d suggest not having any animals around for safety reasons.



The cat isn’t needy


Even though some cats are quite needy, a lot of people prefer cats because they are less needy than dogs. They don’t follow you around everywhere and demand that you pay attention to them. A cat will be happy just chilling on its own on a chair or somewhere in your house while you go about your daily business. That’s more than can be said for some dogs, who feel neglected when they aren’t getting all of your attention.



You don’t have to take your cat for walks


One of a cat’s best qualities is its independence—it doesn’t need anyone to help it enjoy its day. Whether it’s lazing around your home, hanging out in your yard, or snuggling up on your lap, you won’t have to worry about making sure your cat gets exercise because it will always be content without any effort on your part.



Cat food is cheaper than dog food



As many dog owners will tell you, dogs are expensive. Dog food is much more expensive than cat food. If you’re thinking about getting a pet and want to keep costs down, a cat could be a good option for you. Of course, we all know that your choice of pet is not just about money but sometimes it does play an important role!

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Cats Aren’t Just ‘’Cute and Fluffy’’ They Love to Get Active Too!



You’ve probably heard that cats hate water and hate to be touched; the list of activities cats don’t enjoy seems to be much longer than their list of those they do. The fact is, they love to get active whenever they can – it’s just that it isn’t in their nature to look like they are enjoying themselves when they are doing so! Find out about some of the awesome activities cats like to engage in as well as how you can make them more fun for your feline friend.



What are some games you can play with your cat?


Cats are always looking for new ways to have fun. If you’re planning on spending some time with your cat, think about getting a few of his favorite toys out of storage. A great toy that cats love is a catnip-filled mouse that they can swat at and stalk around the house. Make sure you play with your kitty at least once per day because cats need interaction just as much as dogs do to avoid behavioral issues down the road.

The list is long; look below



Why does your cat love playing so much?



Having a pet cat is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. Although cats are often perceived as aloof, it doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy doing fun activities from time to time. We have found that our feline friends love nothing more than being active.



How can I make sure my cats don’t get bored?


Keep your cats entertained by changing up your daily routine. If they are used to being fed at 8 am, feed them at 7:50 on a given day. Cats love predictability, so putting in some spontaneity will keep them interested. The same goes for other regular activities like brushing your cat or playing with toys. And if you have more than one cat, think about getting multiple scratching posts—or even some old tree branches—to let them exercise their claws naturally while they get some cardio in.



Do you want to find ways to keep your cat busy all day?


Cats can be quite lazy when it comes down to it, so you might want a little extra help in making sure that your kitty is getting enough exercise each day. Fortunately, there are a few ways to keep your cat active without doing all the work. Read on for our top tips :

  • Give them a laser pointer to play with. This will create a fun game in which they have to chase after moving dots of light. They also love chasing anything on the end of a wand, so the laser pointer is sure to keep them amused for hours.
  • Set up a play area with toys that they can play with by themselves. Interactive toys encourage exercise by stimulating their senses. Cats love to swat at dangling objects like feathers and fishing lines, and they also enjoy batting around toys and playing with interactive mirrors.
  • Purchase a food puzzle toy for your cat to play with as they eat. These toys have various compartments containing different types of food that they must move around to find the treats. The toys encourage your cat to use their natural hunting instincts to locate the food, which is a great way to keep them active and healthy.
  • Provide them with climbing shelves where they can practice their agility and climb to their heart’s content. They’ll love you for it!
  • Set out the litter box in a location that is accessible to them but out of their reach.



Is there a way we can play together as well?



Cats are known for being lazy, but there are a few playful games you can try with your feline friend. The best thing about cats is that they do not require much to be entertained (other than a comfy place to lay), so don’t let that fool you into thinking your cat doesn’t want to play with you. Here is an easy list of games cats enjoy:

1. Catch a laser pointer – This is one of the simplest games to get your cat involved in. All you need is a laser               pointer and some patience. Just move the pointer around and watch your cat try to catch it. It’s fun for both of you!

  1. Play fetches with a feather toy – This is another simple game to get your cat’s attention immediately. Just pick up a small feather toy and show it to your cat. Then move your hand back and forth, just a few inches from your pet’s head. Your cat will try to catch your toy.
  2. Hide and seek – This is one of the most popular games for cats and dogs alike. Your pet will quickly catch on to the game and enjoy looking for you. Just make sure not to hide in a place that your pet can’t access easily, such as behind a door or curtain. Otherwise, you may have trouble getting your pet to come out from under the bed!
  3. Pet toys – There are so many different types of toys available, so it’s always a good idea to keep a selection of toys on hand. This helps to keep your cat entertained while you’re away and prevents boredom.
  4. Fishing pole toys are a great way to give your cat some exercise and have fun at the same time.

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5 Activities Cats Love to Engage in That Will Keep Them entertained




When you have a pet cat, it can sometimes be tough to figure out activities to keep it entertained. Cats love to engage in certain activities whenever they can and these 5 activities cats love to engage in will keep your cat happy, healthy and entertained!



1) Play Hide and Seek


Kittens are natural born and unnatural-borne nothing more than spending hours a day stalking their prey. A great way to entertain your cat is by playing hide-and-seek with them! Make sure to make things fun for them, as you’re not playing fair since you can see where they are. It’s worth it for them though, as it helps their brains develop along with their muscles and allows them to use an array of tactics when trying to get hold of something or find out what’s going on in their environment. You can teach your cat how to hide, but also how to trick you into revealing yourself – which makes things even more interesting! Also be sure that no other animals get involved, as cats tend to tend toward smaller ones.



2) Chase Them Around the House



Did you know that cats chase each other around furniture, counters, and even other cats? There’s a reason for it too. It’s their instinct as hunters! When you’re out of sight, your cat is still getting his or her hunt on and exercising their body at the same time. Research has shown that when cats play they are using up extra energy so they can eat less while expending more calories than usual. Plus, chasing around objects helps them sharpen their predatory skills. This kind of exercise is good for both physical and mental health!



3)  Put Puzzles Out for Them


Puzzles for cats are a great way for them to keep their minds active. They love figuring things out, especially puzzles. Just be sure that you buy a puzzle toy for your cat that’s sturdy and durable so that they can’t eat it. This is something that will be you stay healthy, both mentally and physically!



4) Let Them Sleep on Your Bed



One of your cat’s favcat’se things to do is sleep, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s nice and comfy, so much better than a scratchy bed. The only problem is you need that bed for yourself since sleeping isn’t exactly one of your favorite activities. You probably never let them sleep on your bed because they always wake you up when they’re ready for breakfast.



5) Give Them a Treat Dispenser Toy


Canned cat food or dry cat food can get boring for cats and you. So, why not give them a treat dispenser toy? These toys can keep your pet occupied for hours at a time, as they work at getting kibble or treats out of a small hole. Your feline friend will be mentally stimulated while they are engaged with their treat dispenser toy. Whether you have one kitten or multiple pets, these toys are affordable and fun to use! With some of these toys, it’s recommended that you place them on hard surfaces so they will make more noise when treats come out.

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